Atlanta Game Fest 30
October 26-29, 2017
Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta
5750 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30005

The Atlanta Game Fest is a chance for boardgame fans from across the Southeast to gather for four days of fun and games. There will be hundreds of the world's best boardgames available for play, as well as friendly folks who can help with the rules.

Memberships for all four days are $50 each, $90 per couple, and $100 per family. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. You can also pay for your membership at the door -- please email Ward your name for a badge.

"Thanks so much for a great weekend! This was my first game fest of any type like this, and it certainly exceeded my expectations -- especially going in knowing few games & virtually no people beforehand. I met many helpful and patient people (some local), and learned about some new games that would have been difficult to try out otherwise without purchasing & hoping." --Johnathan

Single-day memberships are not available!

We have secured a great room rate from the Marriott. Single or double rooms are $82. Why fight Atlanta traffic when you can stay and play? See hotel info for more details. I recommend you make your reservations early: You can cancel up to 72 hours in advance with no charge

Schedule of Events
10am game room opens

1:45pm set-up for Flea Market
2-3pm Flea Market

The flea market is a great chance for folks to clear out some shelf space and get those unplayed games back into circulation. Remember, an unplayed game is an unhappy game. The flea market is free for all members; however, dealers may not sell new games at the flea market.

3:30pm Escape from the Haunted Library (written by Eric Berlin, run by Sandi West and Frank Branham with permission from the author)

No player limit and 4 player teams, but we need you to sign up so we know how many puzzle packets to assemble.

You are trapped inside the Haunted Library. Someone or some … thing has trapped you inside the library. The only thing you find inside the library are 8 books, each named after a famous monster. And each of the 8 contains a puzzle.

Teams of up to 4 will be racing to answer the (really well written) pen and paper puzzles. Each correct answer gets you a clue to what is trapping you inside the library. We suspect the first teams will be finishing in about 90 minutes, but we are reserving enough time to let everyone finish. Room TBA.

11 pm main room closes.

A list of past Game Fests is here.

Game-o-Rama is February 1-4, 2018, Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta

Atlanta Game Fest 31 is May 17-20, 2018, Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta


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